Music CD Case Wedding Favors

***Due to family obligations, I am no longer offering the decorated CD cases shown below. Based on the complexity and lead time, I am still available to do some custom orders - similar to sample CD-d5 - please call or send an e-mail with your request. ***
You are always welcome to order the blanks (CD cases without decorations). The cost is: $1.00 each plus shipping & handling charges.


Have you been looking for that unique wedding favor? Look no more! Offer your guests a beautifully decorated, handmade audio CD case. Package a meaningful collection of songs and give a gift your guests will enjoy well after the wedding!

An audio music Cd with your favorite songs plus...
• The "Wedding Party"
• The "Order of Service"
• Thank You Note
... each one 100% Handmade!

CD Case Covers

CD-d1 $4.95

CD-d1a $4.95

CD-d2 $6.50

CD-d3 $4.95

CD-d4 $6.50

CD-d4a $6.50

CD-d5 $3.25

CD-d6 $6.50

CD Case Interiors

Interior sleeve:
"The Wedding Party" and
"Order of Service

Right-side pocket:
"Thank You Note"


To Place your Order:
• Local brides are encouraged to call to make an appointment for a personal showing. A questionnaire will be provided to collect the verbiage/copy to personalize the cover and interior of your CD cases.
• Or send an e-mail to: and I will send you a questionnaire to collect the verbiage/copy to personalize the cover and interior of your CD cases.
• All designs are available in colors to match your wedding theme. When placing your order, please indicate your choice of design, colors and quantity. Remember: not all attendees need to receive a CD case, plan to give one to each family or couple.
• Audio CD’s are not included: You must supply and burn your own CD’s with yours and your fiancés favorite music. Referrals to CD recording companies are available upon request.
• Turnaround Time: 2 weeks after final approval of sample CD case
• Proofs: A sample CD case can be sent to you with a non-refundable $10.00 deposit
• Shipping: Local orders will be hand delivered, otherwise standard UPS shipping rates will apply

• A minimum of 2 months to complete an order is required.

Call Today To Place Your Order! (831) 429-1664

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